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I am an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Fine Artist.

I have over 30 years experience and clients around the world. This gallery features a wide selection of my work in a variety of media both traditional and digital.

About Me


30 years in the Graphic Design industry, 10 years in Illustration, and a growing knowledge of Web Design.


I study and utilize new technologies and practice old skills; learning is a joy and using my skills benefits my clients, my students, and me.


Inspiration can strike at any time and I make note of ideas that appear when I'm working on projects- and come back to them when my current project is put to bed! I'm always open to new knowledge, and lifelong learning is a personal principle.

Type of Portfolio

Graphic Design and Print/Publications 90%
Fine Arts 90%
Illustrations 90%
Web Design 55%
Classes Taught: Typography, Digital Illustration, Rendering Illustration, Design Fundamentals, Desk Top Publishing I and II, Print Production, Digital Prepress II, Storyboarding, AAS and BFA Portfolio, Graphic Design II, Internship, Capstone .
Classes Taught: Design Fundamentals, Perspective Drawing, Color Fundamentals, Digital Illustration, Digital Grid, Traditional Typography, Concept Design, Art Direction.
Classes Taught: Rapid Visualization, Portfolio/Graphic Design, Design Fundamentals, Image Manipulation, Perspective Drawing, Color Fundamentals, Advanced Digital Imaging, Digital Grid, Digital Prepress, Senior Project, Graphic Design Studio, Digital Illustration, and Technical Illustration for Fashion, Typography Expressive and Experimental, Hand Lettering, Intermediate Layout and Design, Advanced Layout and Design, Introduction to Scripting Language.

My Team

My Excellent Team

This is my mighty creative team, together we produce and challenge the design and art world. Very creative and wise and sometimes wise cracking but when time to get serious we put our heads into every design and project that comes across or desk and give our clients the best design they could ever think of and make sure they leave with a smile and satisfied with our work.



Sara keeps the studio running and keeps everyone fed with her amazing baking. She inspires design and my creative spark.



Keeps all the computers up to date and makes sure our research for each project is done and done right!


Studio Assistant

Supposed to help clean and set up the studio, he mostly sleeps in the studio.


Human Resources

Luna takes care of any personnel issues so we can keep moving forward with our clients projects. Tough but loveable.


Studio Assistant

Suppose to help clean and set up the studio, she mostly naps with Harley in the studio.


Security Director

When security issues arise Maisie settles them quickly keeping everyone in line and on the job!


Studio Cat

Smokey's job is to supervise Harley and Odette. She keeps an eye on their between nap shenanigans.


Team Mascot

Elvis is the newest member of the creative team. He keeps us all energized, entertaining us with his stories and songs!

Scott Cooper


Cooper is the founding member of this design team. With his traditional and digital skills he brings fresh perspective to each job.


All work is subject to copyright. All copyrights are held by Scott Cooper and heirs
El Matatodo
All work is subject to copyright. All copyrights are held by Scott Cooper and heirs.
Devils Ad
All work is subject to copyright. All copyrights are held by Scott Cooper and heirs
All work is subject to copyright. All copyrights are held by Scott Cooper and heirs
Frog King



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    San Antonio, Texas
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Pirate Ad
Twin Engine Coffee Twin Engine Web Banner
Fashion Dept. Banner Fashion Dept. Sign
Vampire Costume Ad
Vampire Costume Shop
RedHead Magazine Layout RedHead Magazine Layout
Fashion Poster Fashion Poster
RedHead Magazine Layout 2 RedHead Magazine Layout 2
Save the Date Invite Save the Date Invite
Shadow Hawk Book Coiver Romance Novel Cover
Otto Von Bismarck Cover Book Cover

These are some additional examples of work I've done. If you are interested in my process, you can follow me on these social media platforms where I document my progress.

Date : 10/04/2016

Graphic Design jobs from my clients

These are graphic design jobs I have worked on in the past few years. I have a very wide range of clients and I'm expanding internationally as I learn more about web design.

My clients include:

Paramount Studios, Bard College, the Jerome Levy Economics Institute, Scholastic, Twin Engines Coffee, novelist Kathryn Loch, historian Louis Vidaurri, Knopf Publishing, The Arts and Entertainment Channel, Bianet, CBS Television, Disney, Greenpoint Savings, National Audubon Society, Newsweek, The Empire and Majestic Theatres (San Antonio, Texas), Random House, Scholastic Books, Sony Pictures, TV Guide, Ulster County Community College, Thomas Reprographics, H-E-B, San Antonio College Adjunct Faculty Council, YO Studios of Los Angeles, CA., and the Oblate Monastery (San Antonio, Texas).

Fabric Study on Model Fabric Study on Model
Art Is Art Art Is Art
Reflective Series Reflective Series
Vampire Series
Vampire Series
Tryptich Portrait Tryptich Portrait

This is my more traditional method work; you can follow my progress on various pieces on these social media platforms.

Date : 10/04/2016

These are digitized images some of my paintings

These paintings are what I work on when I am not busy doing graphic design work. Most of my paintings are done in watercolors, although I do use oils too.

Recently, I have started using my paintings, either watercolor or oils, incorporating them into graphic design projects for clients who prefer a timeless approach.

Vantitage Vantitage

This is some of my personal illustration work. AS always, you can follow my progress on these social media platforms.

Date : 10/04/2016

This section contains my illustrations. I use a variety of media including pencils, inks, watercolors, and oils depending on what effects I'm working to achieve.